Naming Butterie

Naming ButterieMarch-April, 2015 - So I had this amazing product but not name! That's right, I could not come up with a name for my newly improved butter dish. My biggest concern was simple, I did not want a gimmicky name! I wanted the name to start off with a "B" because the letter "B" is considered a powerful letter in the world of marketing. Another consideration was the URL for my product, as it needed to be available!

Well, wasn’t available, but product names and URLS are like when you buy a house: you have your list, and when you find the perfect house you throw your list out the window!

So I spent about a year trying to come up with a name. I would go to product naming websites, I read product naming books, I would think about it all the time.

I’d try to create an original, blended name from words like butter, dish, soft, stylish, easy, flip, etc. I even resorted to reading the "B" section of the dictionary.

Finally, I decided to enlist the help of friends and family and have a contest. Everyone who participated got a free butter dish. The winner would get an iPad. The picture shows the suggestions. The winner was Kyra James, a friend from my kid's school who I met with to have breakfast and teach her how to knit. She came up with "Butterie" in like two seconds. Her suggestion never made it to the poster because I instantly knew her name was the winner. When I told her she won an iPad she insisted I not give it to her, but how could I not? So she chose to donate it Children’s Hospital. What a gal!

FYI: I was super close to picking ButterPro, but it was taken. I LOVED ButterUp, but it was also taken. And thank goodness because neither are half as good as Butterie!


It's Better with Butterie

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