Where Butterie Is Made

If you are reading this, you must have wondered where Butterie is made. Butterie is not produced in the United States. I tried. I really, REALLY tried, but it simply wasn’t feasible. I can tell you the whole long story about how the cost for tooling was more than $100,000 (that’s the steel mold you need to make the product); and that didn’t even cover making the product, that was just the mold! I was paying for this with my own savings with NO investors, and I, like most Americans, could not afford to pay $100,000+ for a steel mold. 

So to make my dream of creating a flip-top butter dish a reality, I had to manufacture Butterie overseas in China. It wasn't a matter of making it cheaper or saving a few dollars, it was the difference between making this product a reality as opposed to it never seeing the light of day. 
But please know the factory I use I personally selected, they do amazing, high quality work, and they take great care of their employees. They are truly spectacular. Plus, Butterie is made with FDA-approved food safe plastic, so it is perfectly safe for your butter.  

Also, I would like to say that even though Butterie is made overseas, I am still an “American” business and I support the US economy in many ways. I am an employer here in the US, I rent warehouse space in California, I use US-based printers, graphic designers, attorneys and accountants. I attend US trade shows, which involves travel, booth design, and the production of marketing and sales materials. And I support US-based shipping companies, such as UPS, FedEX and the US Postal Service.  The list of ways our business supports the US economy is endless; the manufacturing is only one component of what our business is.

I hope you decide to support us!