40W Replacement, Flexible LED Bulb

IncrediBulb is the world’s first flexible, 100% shatterproof LED bulb. The bulb is made with silicone, so it bounces if dropped, will never shatter, and lasts 13+ Years.  The bulb is energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, and stays cool to the touch even after hours of use.

IncrediBulb is perfect for a child’s bedroom, the garage, or tight spaces (such as the basement, attic, or a motorhome), where light bulbs often get knocked and break.

IncrediBulb 40 Watt Replacement
Uses 5 Watts
450 Lumens
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $0.65

Be sure to select your color option! 
Daylight (5500K) is ideal for Kitchen, Bathroom, Office and Garage 
Soft White (2700K) is a warmer bulb and is perfect for the Bedroom, Dining Room and Living Room. 

Please Note: Due to California state regulations, we cannot ship to addresses in California.  

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