East vs West Coast Butter: What's the difference?

East vs West Coast Butter: What's the difference?

The age old feud between East coast and West coast runs a lot deeper than you may think. Even something as simple as butter can be different depending on which coast you live on. In grocery stores west of the Mississippi River, you'll find butter sticks that are shorter and wider, known as a Western-pack and sometimes called "stubbies." In the East, you'll find long, skinny sticks known as East coast or Elgin butter, named after the town in Illinois once known as the Butter Capitol of the World.

The difference in shape really just boils down to different butter distributors using different equipment. Both sticks contain 4oz/8 TBSP and don't make much of a difference when using them while cooking. Where the real problem arises is trying to find a butter dish that fits them. As you'll find, most butter dishes are designed for the Elgin-shaped sticks and not the short, fat kind. So what are you to do when you live on the West coast and you're in need of a butter dish? That's why Joelle invented Butterie! It fits both the East and West coast shaped sticks and even the European sized blocks of butter (which are twice the size!) So no matter which coast you prefer, Butterie's got back your back.

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  • Madonna Lowrance

    Iā€™m glad somebody stays on their toes when designing products for the rest of us. Usually you buy an item and then find the short comings. Joelle took that worry away by asking herself (and others) questions about her product and finding answers BEFORE asking for our money. Thanks again for being a GREAT creator.

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