Our Story

A mom like Joelle Mertzel knows how important the kitchen's role is for a family. When she learned butter does not have to be refrigerated, she empowered her family with soft, easy-to-spread butter available at any time in her kitchen.
She quickly learned that although providing her family with delicious butter is awesome, it can get a bit messy. From keeping butter on a dish covered by Saran wrap, to trying every butter dish available, Joelle grew frustrated with how difficult it is to store butter without putting it in the refrigerator. Since every butter dish is two pieces (base and lid), the bottom of the lid always gets covered in butter. This made it impossible to use butter without getting it all over her hands, the counter, or the table.
One day, while in a hurry to get to school, her daughter was spreading butter on a piece of toast and accidentally dropped the butter dish lid because it became so slippery. Joelle knew she could never go back to keeping butter in the fridge because nobody likes cold, hard butter.
Suddenly, she had a great idea. A butter dish with an attached flip-top lid would not only allow her family to continue having soft, spreadable butter, it would eliminate the slippery mess that traditional two-piece butter dishes make!
Thus, Butterie was created. Joelle has used Butterie as a means to educate millions of consumers about keeping butter on the counter. As a mom, when Joelle is in her kitchen rushing to get her kids breakfast in the morning; or preparing dinner in the evening; she continues to get new ideas for innovative kitchen items that bring color and convenience into her home--and yours.