Counter or Fridge?

It’s a Scientific Fact!

It is a scientific fact butter does not require refrigeration. By keeping your butter on the counter, it is always soft and easy to spread. And yes, we’re talking about pure stick butter.

Three Weeks!

Our company Kitchen Concepts Unlimited conducted a shelf-life study on butter. We worked with an ISO-17025 Accredited food safety lab and tested a wide variety of butters. We tested for yeast, mold, bacteria and rancidity (if food is going to spoil one of those four things will happen to it). The butter, which was kept at room temperature (68-78°) for 21 days and inspected under a microscope, was fine. Or as the lab reported, of “good microbial quality.”

How is this possible?

The reason butter does not need refrigeration is because of its high fat content and low moisture. Yet so many people are unaware that butter can be kept on the counter because it’s sold in refrigerated cases. So unless your family grew up with butter on the counter (or you married into a family that keeps butter on the counter), you simply would have no idea.

Is This News to You?

For about 50% of America, this is not news at all. In fact, one in four Americans keep their butter on the counter all the time. But yet 50% of America has “no idea” that butter can be stored on the counter. And for those of you who fall into this category, this newfound knowledge will rock your world.

Why Countertop Butter is Better.

It is truly a delight to have soft, spreadable butter anytime you want. No more microwaving your butter to get it soft (and ending up with a pool of melted butter), and no more ripping your toast with cold, hard butter.

Start Enjoying Soft Butter Anytime

Now that you’ll be keeping butter on the counter (we hope!), you’ll need a place to store it. You’ll quickly learn traditional 2-piece butter dishes are a mess. They get butter all over the lid, butter on the table, butter on your hands – it’s a mess! But with Butterie, we have a patented, attached flip-top which keeps butter protected and countertops clean. So start enjoying soft butter with Butterie!