The Butterie Story

Hello. My name is Joelle, I'm from Los Angeles, CA and I invented Butterie™.  A few years ago I learned, quite by accident, that butter does not require refrigeration. Did you know that? Only about half of America knows.  I had always kept it in the fridge thinking if I left it on the counter it would spoil (it’s dairy, right?).  

Well, surprise! Butter does not spoil and in fact, it can be kept at room temperature for weeks and it’s perfectly safe to consume. I’ve since learned about 1 in 4 people keep their butter out all the time.  Having soft, spreadable butter is such a pleasure; it's easier to spread on toast, it melts instantly on steamed veggies & baked potatoes, and when cooking, there is no extra added step needed to soften the butter.

However, the problem with room temperature butter is that it’s messy. Leaving it in the wrapper makes it difficult to use, and using traditional butter dishes makes a mess of the butter & my counter. I needed a better solution and so I designed Butterie™.

Butterie™ is a stylish butter dish that allows people to easily & conveniently enjoy soft, spreadable butter anytime.  Butterie’s unique feature is it’s patented, flip-top design that keeps butter protected while keeping countertops clean.

Butterie’s small, compact shape takes up very little counter space, and yet it holds a wide variety of butter stick sizes.  Butterie is made with a high quality, BPA-free, shatterproof plastic and includes easy-grip handles and a non-slip base. Butterie includes a spreader and a hidden, no-mess edge for scraping the butter knife clean.  Butterie is available in red, blue, taupe, black, ivory & white.