How long can butter stay on the counter?

How long can butter stay on the counter?

Did you know that the best way to keep butter deliciously soft and easily spreadable is to keep your butter on the counter, instead of the fridge? More than half of Americans are confused by the “requires refrigeration” label that is plastered on all butter packaging because they simply do not know that butter doesn’t require refrigeration.

People also question if butter can stay on the counter because it's a dairy product. However, butter is fat-dominant. The fat to water ratio in butter sold in the United States is roughly 80% fat while the rest is water and other components. This acts as a buffer preventing mold and bacteria from growing. By the way, we wrote an in-depth article on butter storage which can be found here.

For this reason, butter can be safely stored outside your fridge and on your countertop. How long can butter stay on the counter, you ask? Approximately 21 days. This evidence comes from a shelf-life study conducted by Kitchen Concepts where we tested multiple brands of butter with the help of an accredited food safety lab. 

We regularly hear from our customers that countertop butter makes everything more convenient, from preparing breakfast, to cooking, hosting dinners, and especially for baking. 

Some important notes, room temperature is scientifically defined as 68-78 degrees; and it's best to keep your countertop butter covered and away from direct sunlight.  Using a Butterie to store your butter will make life so easy in the kitchen. Your butter will be soft, easy to spread and absolutely delicious.

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